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What People Say

  • “PlanDo is a fantastic app. We were struggling to find a performance management tool that was simple and easy to use.”
    Shannon Garnham, Office Manager, Stabler + Howlett
  • “We’re driving an activity based work environment and we want a platform to match the self directed approach we’re taking. As part of our cultural transformation, we also understand that talent management and performance management have been a one way street. Now, we want to give back to our employees. We’re not pitching at the lowest common denominator, we’re driving aspiration from the top. We’re saying to our people we want to invest in you and we want you to invest in yourselves. Show us you’re high potential.”
    Ellie McBride, General Manager HR, Ricoh Australia
  • “We’ve been busy building the foundation for our future success. The cornerstone is our people and their capability and attitude. Our success will depend on our ability to transform the way we work. This is our journey, and every successful journey needs great support. PlanDo is such a support mechanism. It’s a journey where transformation means becoming innovative, creative, proactive and performance driven. It requires best practice strategies and framework that enable ICU to engage employees in a new partnership for mutual growth and success.”  
    Bob Kotic, CEO, Illawarra Credit Union