You want people who take responsibility for their own careers.  Your responsibility is two fold. Provide the tools and resources for them to do it.  Ensure you’re maximising their contribution while they’re with you so they leave more employable than when they came. That’s your gain.

You know the world of work is changing right before your eyes. What you did yesterday does not come with the guarantee of success for today or tomorrow.

We built PlanDo so that you can give your people the right tools to be more self directed, your teams more self-organising, right here and now.  This means a more adaptive, responsive and agile organisation overall. PlanDo ensures your most valuable assets – your people are optimising value everyday.  It means you’re growing market share, improving profitability and reducing risk.

Whether your business is facing new challenges or opportunities with capability, leadership, culture or digital transformation, PlanDo is your trusted partner – enabling capability alongside enabling technology.

“Agile organisations grow revenue 37% faster and generate 30% higher profits than non-agile companies”.  Massachusetts Institute of Technology

We boost skills, culture and productivity. Smart and simple.

PlanDo means your people know what’s expected and let’s them get on with doing it. They keep you in the loop on how they’re tracking.  You can say goodbye to annual performance reviews.  That’s good news for everyone.

PlanDo unlocks insights, identifies skills gaps, develops and tracks progress with realtime feedback.  It all starts with the help your people need to set goals. PlanDo makes it easy and fast.

PlanDo can be used standalone, customised to meet your exact requirements, and linked to your existing platforms. It can be used by individuals, special cohorts and programs, teams or across your enterprise. We offer consulting services that support our technology and your business requirements.

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