We built PlanDo because we’re really interested in what the future of work means for you. Whether you’re an individual, a team or a business – large or small.  We get that things are changing fast.  We get that you want to keep your edge – be awesome.

We’ve drawn on the best models that mean individuals can be more self directed, teams self organising and enterprise, adaptive and agile.  Whoever, where ever you are, growth drives you forward. We want you to feel confident and certain about how you’re navigating from now to next.  We want you to have a competitive edge.

PlanDo is unique. It’s the first time an enabling technology brings together the needs of employees and employers – empowered together.  For individuals, you take your career progress with you. For enterprise, get valuable actionable insights about skills, strengths and progress.

Our subject matter expertise and experience is unparalleled – Anne Moore, Vanessa Wende, Bob Barbour and Travis Kemp are deeply committed to your success and know just how to create it with you.

Our mission is to equip you for your life’s work. Starting today.

Our vision is a world where our work brings meaning and satisfaction, where we shape and decide our contribution matters and we grow everyday.

Love your work. Love your life.